Cascade Single Hop Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)

This single hop pale ale features the winning lot of Cascade from the 2016 Cascade Cup. Hopbursted with the most floral, citrusy Cascade we could find and complimented by floor malted Maris Otter malt, flaked oats, and flaked wheat along with the same yeast strain we feature in all of our hoppy beers. This pale ale is floral, citrusy, juicy, hazy, and has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel.

English Premium Ale (4.2% ABV)

Brewed with a re-creation of the historical water profile at Burton on Trent along with the highest quality floor-malted Maris Otter, East Kent Goldings hops, and characterful English ale yeast, this beer will make you feel like you’re in your neighborhood pub in England. Malty and biscuity with a hint of caramel and pleasant supporting bitterness, it’s an easy-drinking session ale inspired by traditional British real ales. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to find out about special cask tappings.

Dank Fruit Double IPA (8.1% ABV)

Our hoppiest beer to date, brewed with ludicrous amounts of Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo, Eureka!, and Denali hops and supplemented with pure, steam distilled hop oils. Named after the aroma coming out of the kettle after our insane whirlpool hop addition, if there was a real fruit named “Dank Fruit,” it would smell exactly like what we experienced on the brew day. Hoppy, hazy, juicy, and extremely aromatic.

IPA (7.1% ABV)

Unless you’ve got a friend in New England willing to send you beer, you’ve probably never had in IPA like this. Bursting with intense fruitiness thanks to a combination of estery yeast, citrusy, tropical hops, and the biotransformation of hop oils, this beer is big on hop flavor but low on bitterness.

Strong Scotch Ale Aged in Islay Scotch Casks (11.9% ABV)

We took a malty, raisiny Strong Scotch Ale made in a traditional manner utilizing a 5 hour boil and showcasing the highest quality floor malted Maris Otter, and we aged it in for months in Islay Scotch casks. Drink with caution! It’s rich and intensely peaty and smoky, a complex sipper that probably tastes more like an Islay single malt than it does any other beer you’ve had.

Imperial Stout (9.7% ABV)

A real sipping beer – extremely creamy and thick, bordering on chewy. Complex roasty and slightly smoky notes exist in harmony with a strong milk chocolate quality, distinctive Maris Otter breadiness, and dark stone fruit character. Also available are variants of this beer that we aged in Breckenridge Bourbon, Woodford Bourbon, and Woodford Rye barrels.

Blonde Lager (5.0% ABV)

If it weren’t for the Lemon Drop hops, this would be a traditional Munich Helles in every way. Dry but still malty and with an elegant, lagered smoothness, the flavor of fresh lemon zest adds extra depth. You probably won’t believe us, but we promise no lemons were harmed in the creation of this beer.

Dry-Hopped Sour (5.3% ABV)

This gently soured wheat ale is intended to be the ultimate easy-drinker. It’s a balanced marriage of tropical, citrusy, and ever-so-slightly funky flavor imparted by dry-hopping with Simcoe hops and a clean, crisp base beer that represents a classic example of the style. Also available aged in toasted oak.

Amber Lager (5.5% ABV)

This Munich Dunkel uses the finest German Munich Malts to create a rich, bready flavor complimented by a light caramel sweetness. It’s deep amber in color and brilliantly clear. True to tradition, it’s a smooth, malty lager that’s complex but sessionable.

Black Lager (5.6% ABV)

This traditional Schwarzbier is very dark brown bordering on black. It’s chocolaty and slightly roasty with a rich malty flavor. As smooth as can be and with a clean, dry finish, this beer is a malt showcase with just the right amount of supporting hop bitterness.