Although the last twelve 2017 Barrel Society bottles are not set to be released until the end of the month, we have received an overwhelming number of requests to open up 2018 memberships before Christmas. We aim to please, so we are happy to announce that we are opening up membership today for our 2018 Barrel Society!

This year, we are doing a single tier: $300 gets you 27 barrel aged beers, 3 per month beginning in April of 2018. The logistics of merchandise turned out to be more than we could really handle, so we are just focusing on beer in 2018. Each month’s releases will include at least one sour, but if you do not enjoy sours, we will be packaging enough of one of the other releases each month to replace the sour for you.

Like before, you get exclusive access to extras of each beer, this time for 30 days after initial release. You will also receive an invitation to three society release parties where you will be able to pick up your bottles and enjoy member beers and other ultra-rare offerings on tap. Plus, we are timing our brewing schedule so at each party you will have first access to discounted hoppy cans with no limits. For 2018, we have already set the party dates to help us better organize everything. They will be 4/7/18, 8/4/18, and 12/1/18.

And finally, for Arizona residents, we will deliver your beers again. To avoid the issues we had doing deliveries in 2017, we have already planned to do those deliveries the weeks of 4/9/18 (the first 3 beers), 8/6/18 (the next 12 beers), and 12/3/18 (the last 12 beers).

We were proud of all of our 2017 releases, but we have been paying close attention to what our members liked most. Beers already in the pipeline include a number of ones that were both oak-fermented and oak-aged, like an oak-fermented stout aged in Cognac barrels that will be among the first releases in April. We will be releasing some beers that have spent over a year in oak, but most exciting of all for us is the quality of the barrels for the 2018 beers. Our sources for dripping wet barrels that recently held exceptional spirits are only growing. If we learned anything in 2017, it was that nothing makes even close to as a big a difference in the end product as barrel quality.

Because opening up membership right before the holidays is a double-edged sword – providing many people with the perfect gift for a loved one but coming at a highly inopportune time for others who are feeling a bit of a holiday crunch financially – we intend to leave membership open to the public until January 31, 2018 and will guarantee any 2017 member at any tier a spot in the 2018 society so long as they join before then.

Clean beers will be packaged in 16oz cans or 22oz bottles, and funky beers will be packaged in 750ml bottles. Proxies will be permitted.

2018 Barrel Society Membership

  • $300 gets you 27 barrel aged beers, 3 per month beginning in April of 2018. You also get exclusive access to extras of each beer for 30 days after release, an invitation to three society release parties (4/7/18, 8/4/18, and 12/1/18), and for Arizona residents, delivery directly to your front door if you want!

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