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May 2016

Tombstone Brewing Company Logo


You may have seen Tombstone Brewing Company's logo on Facebook and Twitter, and maybe even on LinkedIn, but here it is in case you missed it: Rick Whipple at Sky Island Studio designed it, and I think he knocked it out of the park. Though I think the black and white version is my favorite, here's the design in color: [...]

Tombstone Brewing Company Logo2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00

Starting Tombstone Brewing Company – Prologue


Now that my estimated timeline for Tombstone Brewing Company is actually beginning to look realistic, it seems like a good time to publicly write something about the project. I'm always curious when new breweries pop up, and I feel like there's never enough information to satisfy me. I don't want Tombstone Brewing Company to be [...]

Starting Tombstone Brewing Company – Prologue2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00
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