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July 2016

I Could Watch This Guy All Day Long


I'm starting a brewery. I really shouldn't be envying how much fun someone else is having at their job: Every start involved a wheelie or some spinning tires. I'd never challenge this guy to a go-cart race, that's for sure. The video doesn't do his skills justice. On top of that, holes are filled, there are [...]

I Could Watch This Guy All Day Long2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00

RIP Ugly Walk-In Cooler


  Not only was the walk-in an eyesore, but it wasn't going to serve its intended purpose very well either. Almost a complete rebuild was in order, along with new insulation:       And finally, the world's ugliest walk-in cooler is no more:     It might actually look nice when it's finished.

RIP Ugly Walk-In Cooler2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00

Making a Mess


It's been a busy couple of weeks. The new pony wall separating the tap room from the brewery started to go up right after holes got dug for what will soon be new trench and spot drains and updated underground plumbing:     The wall is done (on the brewery side, at least), but the [...]

Making a Mess2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00



With demolition and plans done and permission from the city to start some work, it's time for the wash-down walls in the brewing area to go up and for the walk in to get a complete rebuild. Here's the newer, taller cooler door: And the start of the walls: More walls: Another view: This little [...]

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