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October 2016

Brewer’s Blog: The Beginning


A few months ago, I talked to Matt Brown, the founder of Tombstone Brewing Company, for the first time. What started off as a job interview quickly fell apart into two dudes talking for a couple hours about beer. It turned out that we had a lot of the same interests in beers and brewing [...]

Brewer’s Blog: The Beginning2016-10-17T20:49:04-07:00

If You’re Opening a Brewery, Hire Dan Christopherson


I'm a lawyer, and I've hired lots of lawyers to work for me over the course of the past several years. I've hired lawyers to represent me on occasion too (not criminal, of course, except that one time, so quit thinking such negative thoughts). Anyway, I'm probably a better-than-average judge of a lawyer's abilities. Also, [...]

If You’re Opening a Brewery, Hire Dan Christopherson2022-09-26T21:18:17-07:00

Meet Our Brewer Weedy


I was psyched when we locked in the perfect building for the brewery. Our contractor has killed it with the build thus far. I was particularly thrilled when our beautiful equipment arrived, and now that we're on the verge of brewing, I couldn't be happier with how the brewery is shaping up, irritating delays notwithstanding. None [...]

Meet Our Brewer Weedy2022-09-26T21:18:19-07:00
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