pastry stout

February 2021

Barleywine And Stout Bottle Release 2/13!


Since we first started Tombstone Brewing Company, we've been making big stouts and barleywines. After opening in Tombstone in October of 2016, we did our first bottle release in February of 2017. It was an awesome release party, and the popularity of the beers we released eventually led to us launching a barrel society and starting [...]

Barleywine And Stout Bottle Release 2/13!2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

August 2019

Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts!


Weedy already announced that we'll be releasing bottles of 5 different barrel-aged variants of our Russian Imperial Stout on the 31st of this month, but it's a big enough deal that it definitely merits its own post. Plus, today we got to sample the beers as we racked them out of the barrels where they've lived [...]

Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stouts!2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00
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