March 2023

Now Hiring In Sierra Vista!!!


Sierra Vista will be opening very soon, and we're hiring immediately for numerous positions! Here are the job openings at the moment: Line cooks, prep cooks, bussers, dishwashers Job Description: Looking to hire serious back-of-house positions (line cook, prep cook, dishwasher, busser) in our large new restaurant space that is opening soon in Sierra Vista’s [...]

Now Hiring In Sierra Vista!!!2023-03-19T15:31:31-07:00

July 2022

The Boycott


July has been quite a whirlwind of a month for us, and not just because we’ve been pumping out the best beers we’ve ever made at a faster pace than ever before while getting so close to the Sierra Vista finish line that we can finally see it. Sadly, it isn’t a new canning line, [...]

The Boycott2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

June 2022

Brewer’s Blog- New Beer: Father of the Pils (Czech Style Pils)


A question I get asked frequently is how I come up with what to brew. It's a kind of funny question to me because there isn't necessarily a process for how to come up with a beer I'd like to brew. I consider myself very fortunate to be in the position to be allowed to [...]

Brewer’s Blog- New Beer: Father of the Pils (Czech Style Pils)2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

November 2021

Brewer’s Blog: Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer


In the past year, we released two beers inspired by historical pilsners: Dreher's Original Bohemian Lager, which was inspired by the original lager from Anton Dreher's Michelob brewery, and Beer for Connoisseurs, which was inspired by the American version of Michelob. These historical recreations are easily my favorite beers to brew since they help me [...]

Brewer’s Blog: Der Amerikanische Bierbrauer2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

October 2021

Brewer’s Blog: Bioacidification


Over the course of the last year, Tombstone lagers have evolved just a little bit with each batch. We started with eliminating oxygen from the hot side of our brewing process to help retain some of the subtle malt flavors and produce paler, brighter beers. We began fermenting extra cold to achieve 100% natural carbonation. [...]

Brewer’s Blog: Bioacidification2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

February 2021

Barleywine And Stout Bottle Release 2/13!


Since we first started Tombstone Brewing Company, we've been making big stouts and barleywines. After opening in Tombstone in October of 2016, we did our first bottle release in February of 2017. It was an awesome release party, and the popularity of the beers we released eventually led to us launching a barrel society and starting [...]

Barleywine And Stout Bottle Release 2/13!2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

October 2020

Brewer’s Blog: New Brewery, New Beers!


It's still hard to believe that 2 weeks ago, we bought a brewery in Phoenix. It was a wild ride announcing that we were moving in, having the taproom open 4 days later, and production beginning that same week. In pretty typical Tombstone fashion, we hit the ground running and filled all 6 fermenters there [...]

Brewer’s Blog: New Brewery, New Beers!2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

March 2020

Brewer’s Blog: Beer for Connoisseurs, Dreher’s Original, Historical Lager Mini-Series


In the past couple weeks we've had to make a few changes to our production schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, our schedule has been only slightly impacted and the biggest change from our plan actually resulted in something that I'm pretty excited about anyways. For almost a year now, I've been joking that Tombstone [...]

Brewer’s Blog: Beer for Connoisseurs, Dreher’s Original, Historical Lager Mini-Series2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

September 2019

Brewer’s Blog: Annual Hop Report and Upcoming Wet Hop Beers


What a week it has been! I brewed my first wet hop beers 6 years ago and ever since then, September has been a roller coaster of emotions alternating between excitement and dread. The actual brew day for wet hop beers is intense and a logistical nightmare, but the reward is so worth the extra [...]

Brewer’s Blog: Annual Hop Report and Upcoming Wet Hop Beers2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00

August 2019

Fresh Lagers!


There are few beers that make us more excited than our lagers. That makes today especially exciting, as we just canned two of them. Of the lagers we've made, one of our favorites - and certainly the one we've brewed the most - is our German Pils. It's as pale a beer as we can [...]

Fresh Lagers!2022-09-26T21:18:16-07:00
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