There are few beers that make us more excited than our lagers. That makes today especially exciting, as we just canned two of them.

Of the lagers we’ve made, one of our favorites – and certainly the one we’ve brewed the most – is our German Pils. It’s as pale a beer as we can make without using adjuncts, crystal clear with a foamy white head that never seems to fade. It fits perfectly in our hop-heavy line-up, as it’s got no shortage of hop character.

Weedy trained in Germany, and while he was there, he devoted a lot of time learning from his teachers what they thought made the perfect Pils. The right water profile, the right German malts, and the right German hops (used to hit just the right number of IBUs) come together to create a beer that’s smooth, complex, and incredibly refreshing.

The first thing I always notice with our Pils is the intensely floral and delicately spicy character of the hops. As we canned Pils this morning, the entire brewery smelled like noble hops. Our obsession with only using the best hops we can get extends to our lagers too, and the Hallertauer character of the Pils couldn’t be more classic for the style.

After you get past the aroma, the mouthfeel might be the most impressive thing about the beer; it’s impossibly soft and pillowy. As for the taste, the crackery and ever-so-slightly biscuity malt seems to float on your palate for just a second, quickly giving way to the hops. The finish is as clean as can be, dry with an elegant herbal and slight fruity finish.

There’s as much complexity in our Pils as there is in our huge Triple IPAs. It’s a beer with plenty for you to think about if you want, but it also makes a great daily drinker if you just want something delicious and easy drinking to accompany the moment.

The second lager we canned today is a totally different animal, as it’s just a lager version of our Southern Hemisphere Double IPA. We love juicy, hazy IPAs as much as anyone, but we also appreciate the crisp elegance of a lager. This beastly hop bomb of a beer beautifully fuses together our hop obsession and our lager obsession.

Like with all of our hoppy beers, we didn’t skimp on the malt bill. The hops might steal the show in the end, but the malt backbone of this beer helps to make it shine thanks to the rich biscuit-and-honey character of floor-malted Pilsner malt.

As for the hops, we omitted bittering hops entirely for this beer, instead adding ridiculous quantities of hops in the whirlpool and dry hop. A huge dry hop of Australian Ella gives this beer a fresh-from-the-vine quality; herbaceous, flowery, dank, and wild. The raw intensity of the hops is tempered by the clean, refined lager finish.

These beers might not get the sort of attention that our hazy IPAs do, but a large part of the fun of having a brewery is getting to make a wide variety of beers and to experiment. These two lagers check both of those boxes for us. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!