It’s seemed like the floor has been the cause all of our biggest problems so far. First it was the drains that set us back. More recently, it’s been the epoxy grout for the quarry tile we’re using. The wait has been excruciating, especially knowing that our brewing system is sitting on trucks somewhere in Canada.

Luckily, now that it’s done, the floor is totally worth it. It’s looking pretty amazing:




I’ve heard too many brewers complain about their subpar floors to neglect that part of the project. Ours is all top-quality material with the equipment-manufacture-recommended quarter-inch-per-foot slopes to the drains (which I now grudgingly admit seem pretty nice). The impeccable attention to detail at every step from our floor guys, Bandura & Sons (if they had a website, I’d link to it), is so good that you can hardly see the ridges where the slopes change for ideal drainage.

Here’s another floor shot:




And another one as they finished:




Also, if you were really paying attention, you probably noticed that the hanging ceiling from previous pictures is no more. Turned out it wasn’t up to code. Here’s what’s left:




It’ll all be rigid ducting soon, and likely all painted black. Who needs a hanging ceiling anyway?

Now it’s time to get that brewhouse on the road.

(H/T Bill Tucker for some of the photos)