You might think that our recent social media silence is somehow indicative of not much going on at Tombstone Brewing Company these days. In reality, though, the opposite is true. We’ve never been busier, and in less than two weeks we should be canning. Things will just go nuts from there. It starts on August 7th with this:

And this:

IPA and Dank Fruit Double IPA are easily our two most popular beers, and we want to start off with a bang. We couldn’t think of a better way to break in our brand new canning line than with the two hazy, juicy hop bombs that are the closest things we have to flagship beers. And because we want you to drink only the freshest stuff, we’ll be selling four-packs of 16oz cans of these beers as they come off the line.

The next beer to go into cans will be our Over & Out Hoppy Sour a few days later:

The weather in Arizona is still hot, though maybe not as bad as before, but now it’s humid too. This sour is arguably the most refreshing beer we make. Plus, we can’t think of another Arizona brewery that cans a sour (CORRECTION: the great people at Borderlands can an excellent sour, Citrana Gose). There’s no reason why people should have to look to out-of-state brewers for thirst-quenching sours in cans!

After that, we’re going to can our hop-bursted German Pils. We might be more proud of that one than of any other beer we make. The mouthfeel is amazingly soft, and it’s smooth, clean, and well-attenuated but still with a rich malt character. The German hops shine, and there’s no lingering bitterness. Crushable doesn’t begin to describe how easy-drinking it is, and soon you’ll be able to get it in cans.

Then, we’ll be canning a beer that doesn’t really need any explanation why: a Citra Single-Hop IPA. Who doesn’t love Citra? Or more importantly, who doesn’t love especially good Citra? For the next year, we’re going to be brewing with amazing Citra. We’d almost be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t kick off our hop contract by showcasing the hop we typically use most, but this time by itself and from a far better crop than what we’ve been able to get until recently.

Amazingly, that’s just us getting started because September is going to be insane. We love wet hop beers, and we’ve made plans to release three different hazy, juicy wet hop beers at once, each made with hops that were growing on the vine less than 24 hours prior to going into the kettle or fermentor. Keeping with our obsession with freshness, we’re going to release the cans as they come off the line and then at a big wet hop party at the brewery on September 23rd, within 24 hours of canning. We’ll then deliver all of the remaining wet hop cans to accounts statewide within 72 hours of canning. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

That gets us close our anniversary in October, and we don’t intend to let the insanity wane for even a second. For our First Anniversary Party on October 21st, which happens to fall in the middle of Wyatt Earp Days again, we’re releasing another three cans: 1) Little Baby Wyatt Session IPA, 2) a double-dry-hopped version of our regular IPA, and 3) Another Exercise in Mediocrity Double IPA. As always, you can buy packs fresh off the line on canning day (keep a close watch here and on social media to know when that is) so you know you’re getting the freshest hoppy beers imaginable.

So that’s the next 90 days of beer in cans from Tombstone Brewing Company. Here’s a recap:


Dank Fruit DIPA

Over & Out Hoppy Sour


Citra Single-Hop IPA

Wet-Hopped Pale

Double-Wet-Hopped Pale

Wet-Hopped IPA

Little Baby Wyatt Session IPA

Double-Dry-Hopped IPA

Another Exercise in Mediocrity Double IPA

There isn’t a beer on that list that doesn’t make us giddy with anticipation, and we hope you feel the same way. Stay tuned for updates!